All around service

Let`s start with the offer
For us a job starts with the bid preparation.
Our goal is to convert all the wishes and requirements of our customers into viable production procedures and to develop optimal solutions.
It is a matter of course for us to support the customer at the pre-planning stage, as well as to advise and coordinate with him. We also create product and functional specifications, tenders and assist in safety and risk assessments.
In addition, our sales staff undertake the complete project management and monitoring, so that you always have a contact person available -
“Technicians and engineers, who have many years’ experience in their field."
Construction at the highest level
Ideal solutions for your tasks are developed with modern ECAD systems. In our company there are several networked specialist CAE systems for electrical design.
EPLAN and RUPLAN are the systems which are best known by our customers. Our independence from manufacturers enables us, if possible, to meet the system requirements of our customers.
Our designs are always based on the project specifications of our clients, as well as execution policies or specifications of the end customer. Therefore, projects are always carried out in close collaboration with our clients and customers.
Individual programming
Right from the start of the PLC-age we have been busy creating PLC programs to solve automation tasks. Many of our staff are familiar with the development of programs for these controls.
The controls of all well known manufacturers are used. In the areas of SIMATIC, SIMATIC HMI and SIMATIC NET we work closely with Siemens.
But programs for controllers of other manufacturers are also produced by our staff.
In the area of process visualization, we rely on the systems of WinCC (Siemens), Win CC Flexible (Siemens), Intouch (Wonderware) and GrafPic (GefaSoft).
Reliable and safe
Experienced and well trained fitters carry out the qualified implementation in the workshop as well as on the construction sites in close cooperation with the designers.
We perform installation on our own and use reliable subcontractors with whom we have long standing contacts. The close cooperation with these companies ensures a corresponding standard can be achieved.
To ensure that the system is running
The programmers of the system software generally carry out the commissioning of a system as well.
As part of our high quality standards our commissioning engineers only leave the site after all training measures have been completed and the customers are satisfied that the installations are working well.
Monitoring of the initial production run is, of course, also possible.
After commissioning, our staff continue to be available to assist you, either by telephone, remote assistance or on our site.
… we want the systems to run.
We are always available
Even after the completion of a plant, our staff are always available to help you.
No matter whether it is a question of production support, remote maintenance or e-check-measures - if you wish, we are also on call around the clock, seven days a week.
Remote maintenance systems guarantee, if necessary, rapid access to the plant. Tailor-made maintenance contracts allow a wide range of types of care.
On the current state of technology
For more than 40 years we have been suppliers of control systems.
Many of the plants that we have supplied still run reliably.
Some of the PLC controls installed have now been discontinued by the manufacturer and so in this case a replacement is not now possible.
If there are defects longer times out of service and downtime may occur.
We develop sustainable modernisation plans which contain partial or complete conversions in various levels.
If necessary, we resort to subcontractors who modernise old plants from a mechanical point of view.
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