Occupational safety and self-image

We attach great importance to the health and safety of our employees. With more than 10 (highly-)trained first responders, our own/in-house risk assessment, and numerous training courses each year, we exceed the legal safety requirements by far. All of these help you and us to be prepared for emergencies, but more importantly to do everything to prevent work-related accidents from happening in the first place.

For us this means:

  • Continuous promotion and improvement of the quality and environmental consciousness by the management at all levels, all quality-related activities of our products and services are constantly monitored and where necessary appropriate corrective measures are taken immediately.
  • We aim to be in close contact with our customers continuously. This helps us to know our customers’ expectations for our products and services and makes it easier to fulfil them.
  • Streamlining the entire organization and defining all responsibilities precisely to ensure that there are no interface issues which might prevent smooth, transparent operation of all processes.
  • The environmentally conscious use of resources, as well as showing the potential for additional savings.
  • Guaranteeing the professional qualifications of all employees by training and internal audits.
  • Improving our QM system by using statistical methods.
  • Integration of our suppliers and contractors in the management system.
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