Quality has a name

High quality products and services are essential for the satisfaction of our customers.

This is why we focus increasingly on the requirements and needs of our customers.

We achieve this by giving competent technical advice and planning, as well as by strict adherence to deadlines for the completion of the projects which we undertake.

This is made possible, in particular, by the expertise of our staff, their high level of commitment and openness to innovation and changing market situations.

To achieve these objectives, it is necessary that all employees are convinced of the effectiveness of the quality management system specified in DIN EN ISO 9001, support its implementation and contribute to the efficient use and continuous improvement of the equipment.

The consistent, company-wide implementation of the management system has the highest priority and is given a high degree of support by the management.


With the introduction of the management system specified in DIN EN ISO 9001, we have built a solid basis which is designed to strengthen the confidence of our customers in the name LOHWASSER electrical engineering.

The most important guidelines for our business activities are the company principles. They stand in the foreground of our relations with staff, customers and suppliers.

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